Raise a Concern

About Our Speak Up at Macmillan Website 

It is our practice at Macmillan to conduct business with integrity and transparency. The Speak Up site represents an important part of our commitment to ensuring that a wide range of communication methods is available to employees and others to help achieve this. You have the option to remain anonymous when using this site.

We encourage anyone, whether working for Macmillan or not, to speak up about misconduct, possible breaches or unethical conduct. If you are a Macmillan employee, first consider raising it directly by contacting a supervisor, the Human Resources or Legal departments or the Ethics & Compliance team. Alternatively, you may use this Speak Up website.  If you are a member of the public, including our suppliers, authors and customers, and you have a question or concern about the way Macmillan conducts its business, you may prefer to use this Speak Up website. Your questions could be about anything from over claiming on expenses to someone exchanging information with competitors. Whatever the topic, or the method you choose to raise a concern, you will be protected from retaliation as Macmillan will not tolerate retaliation against anyone who raises an issue in good faith.


We recognize that it takes courage to raise a concern and that you may wish some or all aspects of your report to remain confidential. An anonymous message submitted here cannot be traced back to the person who sent it. If you want us to follow up with you, you’ll need to include your name and email. Identifying yourself and/or providing us sufficient detail about the situation improves our ability to conduct an investigation. We take your confidentiality seriously and will do our best to maintain it. The Ethics & Compliance team will only share your report with others as needed to investigate and deal with the issues that you have raised.

Wondering if you should make a report?

Ask yourself the questions below: If the answer to any of them is yes, we urge you to contact a supervisor, HR, Legal or Ethics & Compliance directly or through this Speak Up site:

  • Could this conduct be viewed as dishonest, unethical or unlawful?
    Could this conduct hurt Macmillan – e.g. could it cause us to lose credibility with customers or business partners?
    Could this conduct hurt the environment or other people – e.g. other employees or customers?
    Would you be embarrassed to see this conduct reported in the newspaper?
    Does it feel wrong?

Thank you for your support of Macmillan’s efforts to act with integrity.